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Cassies’ Huge Chunky Morning Poop
Cassies’ Huge Chunky Morning Poop

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You know my favorite thing about waking up next to you is that I don’t have to close the door or worry about you smelling the big, stinky morning poop I take... I can just roll out of bed and squat on the floor, nudging you awake because I know you like to watch.

You watch me walk over in front of the bathroom, completely naked as I talk about how bad I need to go. I squat, open myself up and push out onto the floor - moaning in pleasure, relief, and effort as a big, dark load of shit slides out of my ass. I bring you over, closer, so you can examine the dark, chunky logs. I talk about the perfect shape and texture of the turds, their strong, earthy smell - deciding to pack them up and preserve them so we can have even more fun later on!