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CassieScat's Ultimate Enema Fantasy Video Montage
CassieScat's Ultimate Enema Fantasy Video Montage

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Before you read farther, this video was created as the ultimate enema fantasy! The enema expulsion noises are taken from the audio of other enema clips (with permission). I still have yet to try an enema but making this clip has inspired that to be one of the next clips I do. All the desperation and ******* pooping made me really horny so I can't wait to try it for real!

I'm very constipated and desperate to clean my self out - so how about trying an enema. I start by pouring warm soapy water into a large enema bag and hanging it above my tub. Then I insert the nozzle, very close up and begin to fill myself with the liquid.

I fill all the way up, pinching the hose to take breaks and making my belly distended with how much poopies and enema solution are in me. Then I rush to get on the toilet before I explode! Watch from many different angles as I cramp and oo and ahh in relief. Even after wiping and flushing, there's another wave of poopies to go! Better get back on the toilet ;)