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Casual Standing Shit on the Floor while doing Makeup
Casual Standing Shit on the Floor while doing Makeup

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I've got a great biscuit recipe for all your winter comfort food needs and I'm talking all about it while putting on my makeup for the day. It's just a casual chat while I'm getting ready naked in my apartment.

My legs and ass look great leaning against the vanity while I look in the mirror and talk to you casually but then I start pooping! It's like I don't even notice except to feel some nice relief from pushing out a super huge long dump. You look at the big poop on the floor and the piss that's run down my legs. The poop even got on my heel but I don't seem to notice or care, I'm just enjoying my time.

If you like videos that peek into the world of a girl who just poops whenever and wherever, this is for you! Bonus looks at my dirty poopy crack too.
Tags: Scat + Poop, Pee, EFRO