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Executrix Ends you with Her Ass (Toilet Slave POV)
Executrix Ends you with Her Ass (Toilet Slave POV)

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Your mistress executrix Cassie welcomes you as you come in for your session. After signing a little paperwork you lie down and get ready to become her toilet. You didn't read it but that shouldn't be a problem right? You get an up close POV of your mistress above you as she sits on your face, grinds into you and fills your nose and mouth with a seemingly endless amount of shit. She shoves shit up your nose so you have to keep your mouth open to breathe then fills your mouth with shit. Any bit that escapes your mouth, she picks up and pushes down your throat. You can barely breathe but you are enjoying your time as her slave. She seems to be angered by this and tells you that you signed a liability waiver for accidental death and that she controls whether you live now. She wants to end you with her ass. She wraps her hands around your throat and sits on your face way too hard with her dirty shitty ass, with no regard for your pleasure, only hers. Once you can no longer speak or think she touches herself until she comes over your spent, useless body. This was a VERY fun fantasy clip that I think hardcore toilet slaves will love >:D enjoy!
Tags: EFRO, Instruction