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Filling Mum's Silky Panties with Poop
Filling Mum's Silky Panties with Poop

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When I was on my last trip to visit my mum, I snagged a pair of her tight silky fullback panties. I thought it would be super naughty to play with panties I stole from my mum! Whenever I think of these style panties, I think of her. Growing up and to this day, I see my mum wearing this style of panty. I like to wear a variety of panties, different styles and materials. My mum on the other hand, loves silky fullbacks, they can have girdle control in them as well. I am wearing my mum panties as you follow me into the bathroom. I need to go to the bathroom, and I want to go poop in my mum’s panties. I push and begin pooping, being so naughty in Mum’s panties is turning me on so much. I begin rubbing my pussy through my panties, and continue pushing standing up. I pull down her panty, and place it on the floor . I squat above the poopy panty and pee. I spread my dirty ass and let you have a good look. I didn’t think I filled my mum’s panty enough, so I kept it until I was ready to poop again the next day. I add a nice creamy poop on top of the first load in my mum’s fullbacks. I remove the fully loaded panty and show you my sexy messy full poopy panty! Cum hard to my poop filling my mum's panty!