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Girlfriend's Thong stolen for ScatGoddess + Poop
Girlfriend's Thong stolen for ScatGoddess + Poop

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I am working editing and uploading my sexy videos at my laptop when I get the sudden urge badly to poop. I haven't gone to the bathroom in three days, and I can feel it starting to push. I am wearing a super worn out thongs that used to belong to one of my girlfriends. Her hubby gave them to me after having sex since she just leaves her dirty underwear laying on the floor. He knew I would like to do something naughty or sell them.

I have held on to them for a couple years, now I'm ready for you to watch me poop while wearing only her stolen thongs. Stare at my bigger ass and curves while I get ready to release. My load just slid out of my asshole giving me such a relief. It was a very stinky and big shit. I hope you enjoy watching my big bum poop a big poo!