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Goth Girl Makes you her Shit-Eating Pet (Beginner/Intermediate Instructions)
Goth Girl Makes you her Shit-Eating Pet (Beginner/Intermediate Instructions)

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I'm not doing any pooping for you in this one, I'm not even going to promise any nudity (you'll have to find out!). In this video, you are my little pet and I'm training you.

Your goth mistress catches you peeping on her and decides to take mercy since it's your birthday. But still, you need to be taught a lesson. I'm going to make you poop on the floor right in front of me - like a naughty dog - and then follow my instructions to taste and eat it.

What follows involves making yourself little snacks with my poop on top of brownies and following my lightly humiliating but equally encouraging instructions to chew, taste, lick, spit, swallow, drool and eat the poop. I show off my cute little body in my goth outfit, but only if you're capable of following along.

You'll be a good little piggy for me right?