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Grumbling Belly + Constipated Small, Hard Turds
Grumbling Belly + Constipated Small, Hard Turds

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I've got a weird feeling in my belly as I sit on the toilet and piss. I feel like I need to shit so I start pushing but feel nothing move. 

My stomach grumbles loudly and makes noise as I realize I'm constipated and try different angles and strain and push. Eventually I feel movement and show my ass pushing out a hard crackling turd that falls into the toilet water. 

I want to push out more and fart loudly into the toilet, and quieter another time. I try and strain and end up getting another turd out. I try squatting on the toilet to get another third poop out but no luck. 

I wipe and show the inside of the toilet, remarking that I'm embarrassed to have a dirty toilet bowl but won't clean it since it's a corporate apartment and I won't buy cleaning supplies for a place I'm moving out of soon. Naughty! 

I pick one of the turds out of the water to show off close up and then flush them both away!