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INCREDIBLE Trans Dirty Anal + GIGANTIC Shit by Mistress Kamma LaVey
INCREDIBLE Trans Dirty Anal + GIGANTIC Shit by Mistress Kamma LaVey

Video-Length: 13m 50s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 10854 kbit/s
Video-Format: MOV
File size: 1050 MB
Language: English


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This is not only for the true toilet slaves out there that know their place, but also for other dominants who simply love Kamma's ass and would love to see it messy!

The video starts off with a mid level angle, Kamma is wearing a sexy red latex outfit. A big dildo is on a table and Kamma teases by rubbing her ass all against it. Spreading that sexy ass, she starts to fuck her big ass with it until it's all covered in warm, messy, and delicious shit. Imagine how great that would feel all over your cock or toy. She keeps riding it for awhile and then it is time to make a delicious meal for the toiletslaves out there.

Putting a glass below, she spreads her dirty shit covered ass with both hands before taking a GIGANTIC dump right into it! It's a great close up shot and you see it crystal clear coming out. Kamma grabs the viewer and puts the close up to the shit too, telling them to eat it. It fades out but then there is more too!

Extra bonus footage at the end shows an alternate view of the action, a full body shot! The huge scat load turned out soft, mushy, and BIG. You'll definitely want to either have Kamma ride your cock or eat a big scat load from her after seeing this....or both ;]