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Jerking off then Pooping my Panties and JOI
Jerking off then Pooping my Panties and JOI

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I'm horny and wanna seduce you. I love seeing you all worked up! I sit down across from you and rub at my pussy, you can see and ear how wet and aroused I am. It feels good and I'm so horny it's frantic! I want something special though - you know exactly what I need to add to really get my juices flowing!

I put on my panties, a nice white sheer mesh lace pair. Rubbing my ass, I tease you and then start to push out a big, thick, firm poo into the panties. You can easily see my asshole and the poop pushing through the delicate fabric of the panties as they bulge out to make room.

I beg you to cum on my dirty panties and my shit caked ass crack! Spunk on my panties! Bust a nut! I show the dirty panties filled with my load of shit and my poopy ass cheeks and unwiped asshole and beg you to cum all over them!