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Lazy Cassie Casually POOPS Right In Her BED
Lazy Cassie Casually POOPS Right In Her BED

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I'm feeling so cozy and lazy today, I'm just snoozing in my panties in bed. You have a beautiful full-body view including angles featuring my feet and ass especially. I get sorta gassy and too warm so I take off my panties and feel much better. I think I have to poop, but whatever.

Finally, I spread my cheeks and start to push, my asshole spreads visibly and my toes scrunch and I push out a nice, firm dark turd. It feels great and now I feel relieved. It rolls down my ass making dirty, dark poopy marks on my cheeks. I show a close up of this as well where you can see my pussy juices and creamy grool appear with my arousal. I continue to lazily roll around in bed, squishing and dirtying the turd and my ass and getting the sheets more stained. I'm too sleepy to deal with this right now and the relief of getting it out is so nice so I'm just going to go to sleep. Wish you were here to clean me up while I relaxed!