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Liquid Shit on Hubbys Best Friend's Car
Liquid Shit on Hubbys Best Friend's Car

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I just got home and the urge just hit me to go to the bathroom. While getting out of my car, I look over and see my husband’s best friend’s white car parked in my yard. I’m feeling naughty, so I walk over to his car and climb on the car hood. I can hear the car hood making noises as my weight is on top of it, and it turns me on. I pull down my pants and shoot out liquid shit and piss on the hood of his friend’s car. I rub my dirty ass all over the dirty hood humping it getting myself off. I slide down off the hood fingering my pussy and dirty ass. I take a few licks, and write a tiny message on the dirty car hood. I cum good knowing that my hubby and his best friend won’t know my about my dirty fun I had on his car.