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Lotioning Up Accident Storytime + FOOTLONG THICK TURD
Lotioning Up Accident Storytime + FOOTLONG THICK TURD

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Roleplay Time!

I talk about my obsession with lotioning up my whole body with thick scented creams and body lotions to keep my skin soft, especially my ass! I call it my bum in this video and tell an embarrassing story about my childhood and getting caught having a big bad pooping accident in front of my family! How embarrassing!

After I finish covering my body in cream and telling my story, I push out an insanely big turd, it's a foot long! 12 whole inches and thick the whole way down! Watch it come out, including a zoomed in second take :P it really was a very satisfying monster shit. The first turd bounces off the couch and lands on the rug (fail) and the second is SO HEAVY that it rolls and gets caught between the couch cushions.

Great video of my full body with lots of focus on my bum and you can see my cute blonde ponytail bouncing around. Honestly I'm adorable and I fell in love with myself editing this one.