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Mia Nightshade - Remote work 'Zoom' call Exhibitionism
Mia Nightshade - Remote work 'Zoom' call Exhibitionism

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Working from home today - actually I have been working remotely since covid started and today was our weekly team meeting, but today was a bit different, because the entire company would be on the video call. I decided that I was going to have some exhibitionism fun - my idea was to go onto the call with just my top on and during the presentation I had to give, I would poop live on the video feed, without them knowing.

I did just that, while during my presentation and seated in my office chair, I discreetly pushed out a big thick, cock shaped poop. I continued with my call, the hot steamy shit, just barely still touching my asshole, as it lay on the back of my chair.

I was getting turned on by now, I could smell the stinky shit, I spread my legs and started playing with my pussy, the under desk cam, capturing the pussy play. I feigned an accident, by knocking something onto the floor - i just had to get down closer to it, without anyone on cam seeing me. I get up close to the pile on the back of my chair and breathe it in, it's so stinky but it smelled so amazing at the same time. The phallic shape of the poop had me salivating, i just wanted to deep throat it so bad, so i did just that. I picked up the thick shit, wrapped my lips around it and slid it deep inside my mouth. My pussy was quivering at this point, knowing I was sucking on my own shit, with 40 people live on cam, just feet away from seeing.

I placed the shit back down on my chair and returned to the call, sitting in it, with the full ******* of my body weight, causing the poopy to spread out from pussy, to butthole. After finishing my work call, with the mess spread out beneath my white thighs and tight sexy bottom, I had a final one on one, with a gentleman that I was working directly with on my most recent project. We were the only ones now on the video call. As i address him, im rubbing my shitting asshole and filthy pussy with my shit, he’s so sweet and confesses that he really likes me, I blushed and told him I had a secret to tell him, well actually show him and told him that he needed to close his eyes and that when i was ready, i would tell him. I got up, my ass totally pasted with my shit and pushed into the camera, my pink asshole in full view, my pussy lips covered in filth - pieces of shit can be seen clinging to my sexy bush as I lean over, exposing all of my hole for his awaiting gaze.

I tell him to open his eyes and ask him what he thinks. He says without hesitation, that he loves it. I ask him if his cock is hard and he replies that it is, I then ask if he's jerking it, and of course he is! Looking at my shitty ass - there was no doubt in my mind, his cock was raging hard. I then asked him if he wanted to stick it deep into the poopy butthole and if he wanted to taste it - he of course said yes. I graciously offer him an invitation to come over the next day to work on the report for work, while also shitting into his greedy shit hungry mouth. He said yes and I know you would too! The thought of consuming all my big shits, is enough to get those cocks and pussies off. Enjoy dirty boys and girls! Mia-