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Oops! Desperate Pantypoop + Ass Left Dirty All Day
Oops! Desperate Pantypoop + Ass Left Dirty All Day

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I love my new panties! If you've ever listened to a podcast you've heard of these extra cute, soft and comfy underwear from MeUndies. I got two pairs to treat myself - a wonderwoman pair and one with christmas cacti :) Oops! I was so busy showing off I realized I was almost late for work. I have just enough time to get some coffee and go.

I drink a dark black coffee with lots of sugar-free sweeteners. Hope this doesn't upset my belly

uh oh! At 'work' I have to rush into the bathroom and pull my pants off quickly but in my desperation I don't make it in time to save my new panties. The wonder woman panties bulge out to an extreme degree. I try to save them but they are so ruined once I wipe my ass with them. They are so full! Good thing I'm used to it and have an extra pair of me undies in my purse.

I'm in such a hurry to leave the messy washroom and escape the evidence of my accident that i slip on the panties and my pants without cleaning up fully. My dirty ass is gonna dry out and get so itchy and stinky!

By the end of the day it's clear that both pairs of new MeUndies are ruined. Look at the streaks! I'm so defeated that I just put them back on and slump into the shower in my mess and get all dirty. I facetime my 'friend' and complain about what a bad day I had, showing her how cute the panties were and how wrecked and stained they are now. Oh well!