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Purple & Pink Poopy Panties
Purple & Pink Poopy Panties

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I have been wearing my purple, sheer, lace panty for a few days waiting to fill them with my poop for you. I have to go shit badly and I want all of my Goddess shit worshiped and cleaned up from my panty. I pee, and push out my shit making my ass all messy in my pretty panty. My poop feels so good so close to my skin. I take off my panty and let you have a closer look inside my poop filled panty, and my dirty, big ass. I want my messy ass to be cleaned off with my pink flirty panty, so you can enjoy even more of my precious shit. I put on my pink flirty panties and try to get as much of my shit wiped on to them. I love all my shit being enjoyed and worshiped! Smell and taste MY Goddess poopy panties!