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ScatGoddess Yummy Scents in Panty Socks Pantyhose
ScatGoddess Yummy Scents in Panty Socks Pantyhose

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I am looking forward to you smelling my sexy scents. I have been wearing my cummy white cotton fullback panties, pantyhose, and stinky white baby doll socks for you for a couple weeks now. I want you to follow and watch me as pull down my panties I go pee a couple times then poop. I know you can’t wait to smell my sexy poop too! After pooping outside, I masturbate in my cummy panties and stinky socks with my vibrator wand adding my final cum before you smell me. I orgasm over and over again in my well worn panty.

I want you to smell my pussy in my pantyhose too, so I tease myself more with my high powered vibrator thinking of you smelling all the dirty scents from my sexy body. Enjoy following me while I make my white cotton panty nice and scented for you in this long panty preparation video.