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ScatGoddess's Poopy Blue Silky Panty
ScatGoddess's Poopy Blue Silky Panty

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The silky baby blue panties I am wearing feel so good and soft on my skin. I’ve been rubbing them all day teasing my pussy and thinking of you smelling my poop-filled panty. I let you watch me pee in the porcelain potty, so you can smell my feet and sniff my panty crotch. I stand up and pull up my panties. I need to poop in my panties now for you. I can’t wait for you to wear my dirty panties, and feel my shit on your skin! I push out firm sexy turds from my ass into my blue panties. I sit on the bathroom floor and continue to play with my sexy pierced pussy and cum while smelling my poopy panty thinking of you inhaling my powerful poopy scents. You are going to love smelling, wearing, and cumming in my shitty panties!