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Sissy French Maid Kamma LaVey Eating SharaChocolat's Shit
Sissy French Maid Kamma LaVey Eating SharaChocolat's Shit

Video-Length: 18m 17s
Video-Resolution: 1280x720 Pixel
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Long-time scat model Shara from the UK (find her on twitter @SharaChocolat) decided to take on Kamma as her pretty sissy kitchen bitch. Kamma spent all day cleaning Shara’s house and making her a great dinner, all while dressed in a french maid outfit and with totally smooth sissy skin.

For that, Shara decided to be nice and send her a big load of natural chocolate for her kitchen bitch to enjoy! Watch in this video as Kamma describes in detail how excited she is to have Shara’s load and how much of a good sissy bitch she is for real women. Kamma shows the viewer her sexy ass and smooth sissy body.

She then opens up the load sent to her and enjoys the whole thing with a spoon and really taking her time at the table with it. Plenty of close-ups of big scat loads in her mouth with tasting and drooling. There’s even an angle with Kamma putting her face and tongue in the scat while bent over on the bed. A very erotic video not to be missed!