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Skunk Smell Solution – Cassie Gives you a Fart Bath!
Skunk Smell Solution – Cassie Gives you a Fart Bath!

Video-Length: 7m 30s
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Cassie doesn't waste time in that video. She starts by showing her beautiful asshole and immediately farting in your face. She tells you something really stinks... but it's not her fart that smells so bad. That smell is coming from you? Yes, it smells like you got sprayed by a skunk. Cassie tells you she'll have to reclaim that stinky territory from you. Cassie has a solution for that.

Then Cassie shows you her asshole close to your face & starts pushing. You'll get several moment where she winks her asshole & farts right in your face while you stand still & just receive her treatment.

Forget every homemade treatment you knew about skunk smell, Cassie's got you covered! She's grossed out by that skunk smell and very possessive of you so follow her instructions and you girl will give you a special hanks later I'm sure!