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Some Serious Enema Results – It’s Massive!!
Some Serious Enema Results – It’s Massive!!

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I can’t even describe how warm, how right it felt to be filled with an enema – all the water, swishing around inside me, mixing and knocking off my dirty shit! When I finally let my asshole open, it all exploded out of me – all of my nasty poo, built up deep inside of me, finally erupting out into the pan. I thought you’d like to see the results so I made this video :)

You get a closeup view of the bedpan, filled to the brim with my brown, stinky enema water and the innumerable pieces of mushy, chunky shit – the huge pile sliding around, leaving a brown trail on the white bedpan. I talk about how huge it is as I slowly slide the chunks of shit off the bedpan into the toilet before flushing – it’s so dirty it even stains the bottom of the toilet!