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Sophia Sprinkle Takes CassieScat’s Dirty Anal Virginity
Sophia Sprinkle Takes CassieScat’s Dirty Anal Virginity

Video-Length: 9m 36s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 2957 kbit/s
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Language: English


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CassieScat has never done anal with anyone else. She isn’t shy, of course not! But she is precious about who gets anywhere near her asshole. That thing is revered! She’s experimented with herself but has never had anyone else even kiss her pretty little hole. That all changes today.

Sophia Sprinkle loves anal. She knows all about how to relax her friend Cassie, speaking gently and picking out just the right toy for her. She knows Cassie’s hole is a dirty, nasty place in the best way possible and she wants to treat her friend right.

Watch as Cassie straddles Sophia reverse-cowgirl and learns the pleasure of a ribbed toy fucking her tight, unwiped butt. Sophia even records some footage from her point of view! This video is very genuine and sensual. You’re getting a real picture into something between two trusted friends who love a little lesbian action on the side. Enjoy it!

This is the second partner’s video filmed in a series of four videos. One video is exclusive to and another is exclusive to so make sure to buy them all!

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