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STUCK! "Cassie the Pooh" Reluctantly FILLS her Diaper

Video-Length: 16m 38s
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In this cutesy porn parody of Winnie the Pooh, it's Cassie the Pooh who is eating to much and getting herself stuck in a hole!

This video includes a cute tutu and Pampers! I even put my hair in cute little bear ear pigtails. There is a narrator and a voice of Cassie the Pooh's friend Rabbit who are both voiced by me off screen.

Watch me wiggle and grunt and squirm and push as I'm stuck for 'days and days' and have to fill up my diaper in order to get small enough in my tummy to fit back out of the hole I'm stuck in.

Once I'm out I sit down and squish the diaper onto the floor then take it off and show off my messy bottom and some of the wiping and clean up process. The diaper is SO full, I really did use multiple loads to get that big bulge!