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Taking a Shit in an Airplane Toilet
Taking a Shit in an Airplane Toilet

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I’m at the airport waiting for my flight home, when I feel the need to use the toilet. I decide it would be fun to film it for you all to see! You can hear people talking as I walk to the bathroom. I eagerly drop my pants when I get to the toilet, and pull up my top so you can look at my sexy boobies as I pee. I try to take a shit as well, but it’s not ready yet so all you get for now is a little fart :p Now on my flight, I can feel the poop moving through my bowels. It’s about ready to come out. I take a stroll up to the airplane toilet, filming on my mobile phone. This time, you get to see me pee and poop. Watch as I shit out a nice, long turd in five pieces. I show you my apple booty as I wipe, showing you the sloppy shit stain on the toilet paper. Then I wash my hands like a good girl, and make my way back to my seat!