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Three Hot Ass Poops
Three Hot Ass Poops

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I love when you wait for me to shit. My pussy gets so wet waiting to poop for you. It’s so hot thinking of shitting right on you and giving you a nice smell and taste of my dirty ass. I pull up my tiny sweater skirt and push out a creamy poop and take a few licks of my hot shit. I know you want a taste of my sexy shit so bad! Follow me next when looser poop shoots out of my asshole. I wish my poop was shooting in your mouth instead! The last poop I have the urge, but I want to feel the warmth of my shit on my skin. I’m wearing tight, silky cheetah panties, and I make them much sexier after pushing my creamy warm poop into them. My poop panty is so thick I wish I was sitting on you! I take off my full dirty panty and take a lick of my shit thinking of feeding you, my hungry toilet.