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Toiletslave EATING Instructions by Mistress LaVey
Toiletslave EATING Instructions by Mistress LaVey

Video-Length: 5m 37s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 6694 kbit/s
Video-Format: MPG
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Language: English


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Mistress LaVey is a decadent, exquisite, and seductive trans Mistress. She has you come to you on all fours and then staying on your knees while she takes a huge dump and piss right in the seat in front of you while degrading you with vicious yet sensual words right to your face...calling you a bitch, sissy, toilet, all of know there's no escape and she's going to make you eat all of it...encouraging you...

This video is for those that want to take their viewings to the next level and not just watch but also be instructed what to do through roleplay. You're to watch the video while you have a bunch of mess in a big bowl or, if you're truly adventurous, in a full toilet bowl right in front of you. Watch with headphones on and be ready to go to ecstatic heights you haven't gone to before as you're told what to have to scoop it up and you WILL have it in your mouth while you melt to Mistress' voice, gaze, and sexy body.

This is a pure roleplay clip with no scat in it, it is instructions while Mistress sits on a toilet seat in front of you teasing you with her body. Not to be missed, especially by aspiring...or fully converted...toilet slaves!