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White Lace Panty & Thong Poop
White Lace Panty & Thong Poop

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I am wearing a white, lace panty and my big ass needs worshiping. I get on my hands and knees and allow you to enjoy staring at my ass wrapped in a sexy panty before getting them dirty. I push and my warm poop begins filling up my panty. So much comes out, a big chunk of my poop falls out of my full panties onto the floor. After I have emptied my ass, I begin stuffing my cummy, dirty black cotton thong into my shitty asshole. I play with my pussy as I tease myself filling up my ass. I push and shit out my dirty black thong from my ass. It felt so good and sexy to stuff my ass with super worn dirty thong, coating it even more with my Goddess shit for you to enjoy better.