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2 Diarrhea Toilet Dumps! Poor Tummyache -y Cassie :(
2 Diarrhea Toilet Dumps! Poor Tummyache -y Cassie :(

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Same day, different shit! That's how the saying goes right? Well, I have a bellyache today and the grumbling in my tummy has finally turned my bowels to mush! I site down naked on the toilet and climb up into a squatting position - partially so you can see, and partially because being scrunched up like this feels better for my cramping stomach.

I squirt out a whole big ton of wet hot diarrhea shit into the toilet. UGH. Well, it sorta feels better, and rubbing my tummy helps too. You can hear some of the rumbling sounds my bowels are making. I wipe, showing you the nasty toilet paper, and then flush and leave. For now.

Later I film my own POV looking down at my naked body on the toilet once again. Diarrhea AGAIN. I don't bother showing it because I'm getting tired and dehydrated from this but I do show some of the dirty tp. I'm out of here, I need a nap!