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A Week's Worth of ScatGoddess Poop
A Week's Worth of ScatGoddess Poop

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I know how much you need all of my sexy shit, so I am going to allow you to watch me while I go to the bathroom all week long. I stay nice and horny thinking of you when I get the urge to poop. I push out some really big, heavy thick and also creamy poops from my ass. Some of the sizes of my shit simply amazes me, and pleases me seeing how big my poops are. I know you need all of my hot shit, so I scoop up all my poops, and save for you in plastic baggies. I want you to smell, taste, get filthy, and of course cum hard for my yummy week worth of shit from my sexy asshole. I hope you enjoy all of my chocolate that I push out for you!