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Pee Poo Snot Spit Brownies
Pee Poo Snot Spit Brownies

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I am horny getting ready to prepare a special brownie treat that includes my pee, poo, snot, and spit for you. I know you, my hungry toilet, need all that comes from my curvy body. I mix up the brownie contents before removing my black cotton panty, peeing right into the bowl. I turn around, so you can watch my sexy ass while I add my shit to the mixture. I give you more of my Goddess body by spitting, and blowing snot, and picking my boogers to get all the nasty ingredients mixed in for you to consume. I use my fingers to combine and mix up my poop, pee, spit, and snot together. Once I have it to the scat batter to the right consistency, I pour it in the pan to bake. Eat up all my yummy, nasty scat treats!