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Huge Pouring Poop Sticky Ass
Huge Pouring Poop Sticky Ass

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I get the urge to poop before going out to eat, but I decide to hold it. I eat a big chicken salad and chicken fettuccine alfredo for dinner. I go shopping after my meal, so I really have to shit now that I am home. I hurry to the bathroom, pull up my skirt, push my thong to the side, and a huge, creamy poop pours from my asshole. It feels so good finally releasing my desperate poop. I want you to taste my delicious shitty ass. I get on the bathroom floor and fuck my dirty asshole with lollipops. I cum good fucking my asshole getting all sticky thinking of you eating the candy inside of me. I can't wait for you to smell and taste my sexy, filthy ass!