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Couldn't Hold Back! Clean Up ScatGoddess' Pantyhose
Couldn't Hold Back! Clean Up ScatGoddess' Pantyhose

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I was eating chips and salsa and all of the sudden I feel that I need to poop really really bad. I rush to the bathroom, but it is already to late. I can feel some my warm shit on my skin before I even make it to the toilet. I pull down my teal leggings and black pantyhose, and my strong shit smell immediately fills my nose. I squat above the toilet and release the rest of the loose poop that I could barely hold back. My tummy feels immediately better, and I stick my fingers in my ass. I use my worn black pantyhose to clean up my dirty ass and legs. Now, I need a taste of my very strong smelly runny shit. I get off while tasting my poopy dirty fingers and inhaling my powerful poopy aroma.