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Pretty Fowers Mini Skirt Loose Poop Stained Panty
Pretty Fowers Mini Skirt Loose Poop Stained Panty

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I am wearing a pretty flowered mini skirt with super, worn, white panty underneath. I can't wait any longer, I need to go to the bathroom now. I pull down my dirty cotton panty that I have been wearing for years without washing, and loose diarrhea pours from my asshole. I pull up my panty without wiping my ass with toilet paper. I go out for errands, I get most of my shopping, and then I get the urge to pee. My pussy is so wet from shopping wearing a super short skirt wondering if anyone can see or smell my stained, scented, dirty panty. I let you stare at my pretty, pierced pussy while I pee. I have to make one more stop before I get home, while I am there I stop in the bathroom to push my dirty panty into my ass adding more stains. I am thinking of you smelling my panties and knowing they are only going to get filthier, and that keeps me so horny!