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Shitty Pissy Spit Brownies
Shitty Pissy Spit Brownies

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I have been waiting several hours holding back the urge to poop, so I can prepare you a batch of my addicting scat brownies. I go to the bathroom and take off my panty and jeans. Next, I collect my pee. Then, I lay on my side releasing the magical ingredient from my sexy ass to prepare my brownies. I push and push, but nothing wants to come out. I can feel the shit inside of my ass, so I reach my fingers in my dirty asshole. I dig around, finger, and pull hard poop balls out one at a time. I suck clean my fingers after I collect all of my poop. My shitty ass tastes yummy! I mix together all the ingredients, and get dressed to finish baking my special brownies for you. Since my shit is firmer, I make each brownie bite with my fingers adding my pee and spit to each scat treat. Enjoy my delicious, shitty pissy spit brownies! I love when you eat up all of my shit brownies.