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Babycakes Poops in Samantha Starfish's Panty for Daddy (2 clips)
Babycakes Poops in Samantha Starfish's Panty for Daddy (2 clips)

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I have missed my Dirty Daddy so much! I have been thinking about being a naughty girl for you so much. I have a surprise for you today, I’ve been waiting for so long to share with you. I need to get dirty, Daddy!

I saved dirty ass wiped panties and clothes from when I played with my filthy girlfriend Samantha Starfish. I know you love thinking of us playing all poopy together, it turns your dirty little girl on. I put on and poop in Samantha’s dirty panties, making her panties so much hotter for Daddy.

It feels so sexy adding my poop into the same panties Samantha wore and got dirty! I put on my dirty ass wiped panties and push out more poop making both pairs of panties dirty. I put on my dirty shit stained white t shirt gray leggings that I wore when playing dirty with Samantha. I smear and get my pussy super shitty with some saved poop in the clear bowl from the night before. It feels so good getting so poopy thinking of your hard cock, Daddy!

My pussy is so dirty, I need you to play with me. I cum so hard getting dirty thinking of you playing with both of our filthy panties especially now since your babycakes filled them up with sexy poops! I can’t wait to get filthier during my next poopy playtime for you, Daddy! You get two different views of this video, so you can watch while I get super filthy and cum hard while having fun all poopy!