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ScatGoddess PantyPoops Bundle: FIRST PantyPoop & Cum, SchoolGirl, Kitchen, Outside + More!
ScatGoddess PantyPoops Bundle: FIRST PantyPoop & Cum, SchoolGirl, Kitchen, Outside + More!

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After pooping in different positions, and trying some dirty ass play, I wanted to experiment with panty pooping. I want to see how it feels to go to the bathroom without removing my panty. I had seen pictures of poop filled panties, and I had to try, and once I did I knew it was something else dirty I enjoyed. These videos in this bundle are some of my very first panty pooping experiences, with some videos ending with hot full panty modeling pictures to enjoy even more of my shitty panties!

First Panty Pooping & Cum
I want to try something new, and poop in my white cotton panty. I have pooped wearing pantyhose, and peed in my panties before, but never filled them up with my hot poo. My pussy is so wet waiting to go to the bathroom in my panty. I can’t hold my poo back any longer, so I get on my hands and knees. I begin pooping right into my white cotton panty, the warmth of my poop feels so good on my skin. After I finish going to the bathroom, I pull down my dirty panty and show off my messy ass so it may be worshiped properly. My pussy is wet now and wanting to cum. I lay on my back, so I can fuck my wet pussy with my glass dildo. It feels so good fucking myself with a shitty ass. My pussy gets so wet and cummy while masturbating, and makes a nice cummy messy running down to my filthy ass. mmm it feels so good filling up in my panties for the first time…I will definitely try pooping in my panties again!

School Girl Messed Panty
I had asked to go to the bathroom during class, but my teacher told me to hold it since there was only ten minutes left before we switches classes. I quickly went to the bathroom once the teacher let us out, but there was a line! I stand there trying my best to hold it, but I just can’t hold it any longer! Pee starts running down my legs and my once clean white panties are now dirty full of my poop. I am going to be in soooo much trouble for ruining them. Enjoy my naughty messed poopy panty modeling pictures at the end of the video!

First Time Poopy in the Kitchen
I need to shit and I am feeling extra naughty, I run into my kitchen wearing only a blue t shirt and silky white panty. I really have to go!! My silky white fullback panties quickly starts filling with poop and pee. I can feel that is a huge, warm, messy load. I pull my panty down and smear my shit all over my ass. I love rubbing my shit on my round butt, it feels so sexy!! I give you a nice view of my fully loaded panty and messy hands. My pussy got super wet pooping and being naughty pooping in my panties in the kitchen for the first time.

Filling Blue Bikini Outside
I woke up very horny, so I inserted my black triple ripple anal plug first thing when I woke up. I kept the anal plug in for four hours and I started getting the sensation that I needed to shit. I am wearing my floral blue bikini bottoms, and need to get super naughty. I go outside, slowly pull down my bikini and pull the plug out of my ass. The toy is of course dirty, so I begin to lick and suck my dirty shitty anal plug clean. Once I finish cleaning the plug, I stand up and begin to fill up my bikini with my shit and piss. My mess feels so warm running down my legs even outside in the heat! I rub my filled bikini with my hands making a beautiful mess of my ass. You have the pleasure of enjoying a few still pictures at the end showing after getting poopy in my bikini.

Pooping in Silky Blue Panty
Imaging you were below me as I stand above you wearing only my silky blue panties. At first you admire my big, round ass in my sexy panties. I need to go to the bathroom, so you must stay where you are and catch all that falls from my hot pantied ass. My piss begins to wet my blue panties and the stream falls perfectly right in your mouth. mmm You watch and listen in amazement as my panties begin to fill up with my shit. I pull off my panties and let you take a good look and smell…..imagine getting filthy with my wet and fully loaded blue panties to please me! Enjoy more of my sexy, dirty ass at the end of video with hot pictures wearing my silky blue poopy panty!