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DIRTY, MESSY PantyPoops from ScatGoddess (7 VIDEOS!)
DIRTY, MESSY PantyPoops from ScatGoddess (7 VIDEOS!)

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First Panty Pooping
I want to try something new, and poop in my white cotton panty. I have pooped wearing pantyhose, and peed in my panties before. My pussy is so wet waiting to go to the bathroom in my panty. I can’t hold my poo back any longer, so I go to my bathroom and get on my hands and knees. I begin pooping while still wearing my white cotton panty, the warmth of my poop feels so good on my skin. After I finish going to the bathroom, I pull down my dirty panty and show off my messy ass so it may be worshiped properly. My pussy is wet now and wanting to get fucked. I lay on my back, so I can fuck my wet pussy with my glass dildo. It feels so good fucking myself with a shitty ass. My pussy gets so wet and cummy while masturbating. My pussy cum makes nice messy running down to my filthy ass. mmm it feels so good filling up in my panties for the first time…I will definitely try pooping in my panties again!

Messy White Poopy Bikini
I get on floor on my knees wearing only my clean white cotton panties. I have been waiting all day to get home, so you can watch me poop in my panty! I begin to feel warm creamy shit on my ass. I fart and it feels so good and gives me some more relief. I can that my panty is filling so much that my shit is coming out from it….mmm it feels so hot! I pull down my panty and show off my poopy ass and panty. I spread my ass cheeks pushing more getting the rest of my poop out. This is video of a live panty pooping web cam.

First Time Poopy in the Kitchen
I need to shit and I am feeling extra naughty, I run into my kitchen wearing only a blue t-shirt and silky white panty. I really have to go!! My silky white fullback panties quickly starts filling with poop and pee. I can feel that is a huge, warm, messy load. I pull my panty down and smear my shit all over my ass. I love rubbing my shit on my round butt, it feels so sexy!! I give you a nice view of my fully loaded panty and messy hands. My pussy got super wet pooping and being naughty pooping in my panties in the kitchen for the first time.

Filling Silky Pink Panties
I am standing in my bathroom in only a pair of silky pink fullback panties and a t-shirt. I haven’t gone to the bathroom in a couple days, so now I am ready to make a mess in my panties! I start peeing and then my pink panties start to fill with my shit. It feels like a nice relief getting my load out of my ass and then trapped in my panties makes it so hot! When my ass is all empty I pull down my panties so you can see my dirty ass, mound of my soft shit and my wet pussy!

Pooping in Silky Blue Panty
Imaging you were below me as I stand above you wearing only my silky blue panties. At first you admire my big, round ass in my sexy panties. I need to go to the bathroom, so you must stay where you are and catch all that falls from my hot panty ass. My piss begins to wet my blue panties and the stream falls perfectly right in your mouth. mmm You watch and listen in amazement as my panties begin to fill up with my shit. I pull off my panties and let you take a good look and smell…..imagine getting filthy with my wet and fully loaded blue panties to please me!

Full Purple Panties
Picture yourself underneath my magnificent Goddess ass. I am only wearing a pair of thin silky light purple panties. I can feel that I have a big load that I need to release, and you will be right under to watch my panties fill up with my Goddess shit hopefully making a nice mess of you too! I start shitting and my panties fill up. The warm shit feels nice pressed closely against my skin. A stream of pee trickles through my bulging panties helping to reveal my amazing mess! ​

Pumpkin Panty Fill
I had a little accident in my panties, so I decide my ass needs to be worshiped. I go to the bathroom. Imagine you are directly under my Goddess ass waiting as I am about to take a shit and fill up my cute cotton pumpkin panties. I tell you to worship all of my Goddess shit as I feel the warmth of my creamy shit. I pull down my panties showing off my dirty ass. I show you my full shitty panty and I want you to rub me all over you! It gets me so horny knowing my Goddess shit will be worshiped and enjoyed as it pleases ME! I sit down on the toilet and begin rubbing my clit..mmm It feels so good I pee more making a mess, but wish it were all over you! Worship MY Ass!

I hope you enjoy some of my early panty poops. Some of the videos end with sexy panty pooping modeling pictures at the end for you to worship my sexy, filthy ass even more! I really started to enjoy the feel of going to the bathroom, and not removing my panties until i completed. It feels so amazing, so of course I continued my panty pooping fun and will have more to come!