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Cassie Follows Dirty Instructions to Fix Your Curse!
Cassie Follows Dirty Instructions to Fix Your Curse!

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A part 2 to this video but they both stand alone.

You're about to go out with your friend Cassie when suddenly it happens again: the evil, mysterious phone app downloads! But this time instead of saying it will leak your information, it shrinks you down to the size of a small doll! Cassie promises she will help return you to normal by following the apps tasks, no matter how embarrassing.

The tasks of covering you in spit, piss, farts and more are even more daring because you are so small. Cassie is even told to insert you into different parts of her - I hope you aren't crushed, these are going to be some tight squeezes!

You will also enjoy so wonderful tiny-man POV shots of Cassie's turds coming closer and closer to cover you while trapped in a glass cup. Are you willing to risk it all in order to become normal-sized? These partner tasks are dirtier than ever!