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The Cursed App : A Spooky, Dirty ''Game'' of Tasks
The Cursed App : A Spooky, Dirty ''Game'' of Tasks

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Cassie & you are both talking in the bathroom, hanging out as friends. She tells you about the latest phone app everyone's talking about. It's like a magic truth or dare... a spooky one she says. You ask her if it's a two player's game and she tells you yes and starts it.

Cassie starts by choosing a secret word and you both quickly realize this game is way more sophisticated than you thought! Without spoiling anything let's just say it becomes more spooky, naughty & DIRTY at the same time.

At first, she laughs & thinks the game is funny and even mundane and you both have fun with the slightly sexual and thrilling tasks. However, the situation changes drastically as both Cassie's life and yours are at stake. Cassie soon regrets having started that cursed game.

Both of you have to complete several tasks in a given time... will you be able to do so? How far will you go to help Cassie? The app is going to ask for you to do many dirty things with her and it will know if you fail!