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Big Poop Kitchen Brownies
Big Poop Kitchen Brownies

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I am ready to prepare some yummy brownie treats filled with my precious Goddess poop for you. I haven’t gone to the bathroom in several days, so I am horny to feed you my sexy shit. I take off my jeans and panty pushing out a big poop. My creamy, long poop felt so good coming out of my sexy ass. My load will be perfect to bake my special Goddess filled brownie treats for you. I give a nice up close view of my pile of poop before mixing in with brownie ingredients. As I stir up my shit with the mixture, I spit into the bowl, thinking of you consuming my shitty brownies to please my ass. I prepare my scat mixture into pans to be baked, so you can taste my shit in dirty treats made by your Scat Goddess. I wipe my dirty ass with my black panty, so you can worship more of my precious shit!