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Five Shit Load Brownies
Five Shit Load Brownies

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I am about to prepare you a special treat from my dirty ass. I want to bake you a batch of super scatty brownies made with five loads of my poop. I want these brownies to be rich full of my powerful shit. Once I have collected enough of my shit, I poop the last load right into the mixing bowl to begin making your nasty sweet treats. I add the rest of my shit one load at a time. Enjoy watching the contrasting colors of my shit as I mix them all together. Since I saved some of my shit in containers, some of my Goddess piss is also included in my brownies. I add the boxed ingredients and mix the contents in the bowl up very good. Once I have the batter a nice consistency, I begin adding my Goddess spit right into the bowl. I sit down with my pedicure bag, and take out my pediegg to remove the dead skin and dirt from the bottom of my dirty Goddess feet. After I finish each foot I add my foot dust to the batter and stir it all up! I want you to eat all that comes from my sexy body! I fill up the pan and put the scat brownie mix in the oven to bake and spread my Goddess ass aroma everywhere! Consume my Goddess shit in these yummy baked chocolate treats!
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