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PreChewed Shit Fetish Muffins
PreChewed Shit Fetish Muffins

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I want to make you a batch of scat fetish muffins, and I need to poop very badly. I can feel that my ass is full and needs to be unloaded. I get on my knees, so you may watch as my precious poop comes out of my sexy ass. I push out a large, round shaped shit, not too firm, not too soft, just right. I want to do something extra naughty for you, and chew up my shit. I hold my big piece of shit and take a bite. It is making my pussy so wet chewing up my own shit thinking about you consuming my shit after it has been in my mouth! I take bite after bite, chewing and spitting up my shit. I want you to watch while I prepare the scat muffins. I add my breast milk to my prechewed shit and mix it all up. Then, I add my boogers that I have been collecting to the mix. I pick my nose to find some more boogers that I need to get out of my nose for you to eat. Mixing it all up adding a little more of my spit and the muffin mix to blend it all together. Pouring the batter in the pan, preparing my yummy treats for you, my hungry, lucky toilet! Eat up my prechewed banana nut muffins that were made with the ingredients from my curvy body! I love when my shit and other dirty stuff from my body is consumed, it keeps me nice and horny!