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Cassie Shows Off Huge Poop + Dirties New CK Panties
Cassie Shows Off Huge Poop + Dirties New CK Panties

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You all know how much I love playing with my poop, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I get so, so horny when I can put on a brand new pair of panties right after I take a big, dirty shit instead of wiping my asshole clean! Especially since I can get them extra dirty for you…

Watch me proudly show off a massive poop on my shower floor in my CK pantie and bra set, the black thong pulled up deep into my unwiped asscrack. I talk about how filthy I’m going to get these panties, just the way you like it – my pussy juices mixing with the stains from my smelly shit. I can’t help but rub my pussy through the panties as I take you in for a close up of my chunky shit, talking about how big and nasty it was. You can hear the horniness in my voices as I describe exactly how my pussy juice and my shit smears will stain these panties – I just know you’re going to love them!

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