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Cassie Takes a Huge, Gassy Shit Inches From Your Face
Cassie Takes a Huge, Gassy Shit Inches From Your Face

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Come closer - don’t be shy! I know what you want: my gassy asshole right above you as I push out my big, stinky loads. This one is for those of you who want to be as close to the action as possible!

My legs are spread, showing off my hairy pussy and clean asshole as I move even closer to the camera, ending just inches from you. I’m SO gassy today - I just keep farting and over again, giggling as my asshole flexes and lets the garlicky farts loose, filling your nose with my scent. Once I’m nice and warmed up, I push again - my poo stretching my hole, inches from your face! It’s huge, solid but still mushy, and filled with little pockets of air - crackling with dirty farts as it comes out. I’m enjoying it so much, I take my time, letting the turds hang for a few seconds before pushing again, relishing the feeling right before they drop. It gets mushier and wetter as I keep pushing, piling up as I strain harder and harder to get every little bit out. When it’s finally done, I wipe with TP, showing you the smears before giving you a final close up of the entire pile, letting you see all the different colors and textures.