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Stinky, Mushy Shower Shit + Loud Farts
Stinky, Mushy Shower Shit + Loud Farts

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I’ve been eating as much spicy food as I can over the last couple of days to give you the wet, messy shit that I know you love the most - now follow me into the shower so I can show you just how dirty I am!

As I get on my knees in the shower, I talk to you as I caress every inch of my horny body, telling you how big and nasty this poo feels inside of me - I can feel that this one is going to be extra special. I have to brace myself against the shower wall as I push, harder and harder, until finally a huge, fresh pile of mushy shit spurts out from me into the waiting container. It just keeps coming - so much that I have to squat back down after I get up, letting out some loud, wet farts as the last of my poo slides out of me. I bring you closer, spreading my ass so you can clean me with your tongue, finally giving you a close up of my stinky pile of shit. You can do anything you want with it – the dirtier the better!