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Cassie’s Big, Thick Bathtub Poo
Cassie’s Big, Thick Bathtub Poo

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I’ve been so horny all day, and I just know it’s because I’ve been saving up a huge dirty shit up inside of me - now I just can’t stand it anymore!

From the floor of the tub, you see me strip off my panties, rubbing my wet pussy in anticipation as my asshole trembles with excitement - I bend over, my ass and feet in your face, and finally let it all out. There’s so much poo that I have to change position a couple times, my hole puckering and stretching as I push harder and harder.

I wipe my dirty ass, showing you the shit-stained toilet paper before loading it and the big, stinky shit into a bag, sealing it tight so it arrives nice and fresh for you to play with.