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Toilet Slave Brownies
Toilet Slave Brownies

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I am in my bathroom wearing my silky rose robs ready to prepare toilet brownies for you to consume. I want to add all of my goodness in these brownies. First, I squat above the pan and release a huge, thick log out of my ass. For the second ingredient, I add my Goddess piss. I sit up on the porcelain toilet and begin to get the dead skin from my feet. For the third Ingredient, I sprinkle my foot dust from my pediegg on top of my thick log that is swimming in my nectar. Now it’s time to go to the kitchen. I combine the brownie ingredients, and mix them all together with my fingers. I break the big log up then add my Goddess spit. I lick my fingers tasting my shit after mixing the ingredients with my hands. There is one last thing I need to collect to add to your brownies. I sit in the toilet and clip my toenails. I add my toenails on top of the brownies for you to consume and enjoy all that comes from my sexy Goddess body!