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Cassie's Instructions for Tasting, Smearing + Anal
Cassie's Instructions for Tasting, Smearing + Anal

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These instructions don't show me pooping and don't require you to eat, so if you're not ready to take that step but want to be pushed towards tasting and plenty of messy play, this is perfect!

My instructions are obedience focused: firm but friendly. I lay out what you'll need and guide you through taking a shit in the bathtub, smelling it, smearing it and holding it in your mouth for periods of time before spitting it out. I also reward and train you to fuck your shitty asshole with a dildo and pleasure yourself this way for my enjoyment, not for your humiliation.

By the end, I'll countdown to your orgasm if you've followed along properly. And they'll be lots of clean up too!