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Coffee Diarrhea in New Leggings EXPLOSION!
Coffee Diarrhea in New Leggings EXPLOSION!

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A ditzy girl has gotten a brand new Victoria's Secret thing and some very cute peachy pink leggings that cradle her ass perfectly! She tries them on and is so excited about her cute look that she has to go show it off. Starbucks time!

Watch her go to the coffee shop and then quickly drink a HUGE iced coffee drink with extra cream and sweetener. On the way home, her stomach begins to hurt and she rushes into the bathroom, doubled over with no time to pull down her leggings and sit on the toilet. Watch the piss darken the fabric and a big wet brown spot spread.

She sits and squishes the mess then removes the leggings once theyre full and she feels relief from the cramps and diarrhea. The leggings and thongs are stained and ruined! And her ass and pussy and thighs are covered with mushy brown shit. Even wiping barely makes a dent!