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EXTREMELY Messy, Desperate PantyPoop Accident + Smearing
EXTREMELY Messy, Desperate PantyPoop Accident + Smearing

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I run into the bathroom legitimately desperate to shit and I get my pants pulled down but don't have time to get to the toilet or get my Calvin Klein panties off. I am bent over because my stomach hurts and I start to push shit into the panties. 

The shit continues and I struggle to take off my pants all the way and tie up my shirt to save them from getting dirty while the shit keeps coming out. You start to see the bulge leak brown onto my ass cheeks. 

I get into the tub to try to wash my panties since they are new and expensive but once I get in there, EVEN MORE messy shit and piss fills them out and leaks out the sides. Mt bellyache is even worse so I end up sitting and laying down to rest. 

This makes a messy smearing mess everywhere. My ass and pussy are covered and so are much of my hands and legs. There is so much shit in the bathtub that I slip and slide in it!